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Welcome Eagle Watcher Volunteers!

Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Eagle Watcher blog! The start of our season is quickly approaching. I’m looking forward to catching up with returning volunteers, and seeing some new faces, too. 

Yesterday an immature eagle flew through my front yard in Bellingham and I thought about how lucky we are to live in this beautiful area. Those in the know say that to a non-pink salmon year means more chum and more eagles, so there should be plenty of action in the Upper Skagit this winter.

I hope this blog helps people stay “in the loop” on what’s going on with the eagles and the dedicated volunteers out on the river winter weekends. The site will surely evolve as the season goes on, but I’m hoping I can post eagle survey numbers, important contact information, photos and more. Everyone is welcome to comment!

 See you on the river,


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