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Newhalem to Marblemount: 11

Marblemount to Rockport: 44

Rockport to Sedro-Woolley: 34

Total: 89

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Golden at MP 100

Immature golden eagle perched across from Milepost 100 picnic area Saturday, January 16 -Don Knutzen photo


We had some birding fun last Saturday with another golden eagle sighting. Libby Mills, passing by with her North Cascades Institute class, was actually the first to identify this bird which was hanging around a group of several subadult bald eagles right across from the milepost 100 eagle watching site. 

Eagles have been sparse lately, and I don’t expect that to change anytime this season. Luckily, most of the time there are at least 1-2 birds (sometimes more) visible from the three viewing sites. Hopefully enough birds will stick around so visitors can see some in the scopes the next two weekends. Saturday the 23rd we will be greeting some youth  from Seattle’s International District. The Kulshan Creek neighborhood kids from Mt Vernon are coming on the 30th, and the International District kids are returning with their elders as well that day. 

See you on the river!

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Scenes from last weekend

A young eagle watcher on the Skagit

Arlene and Susan lay out the welcome mat at MP 100. (Note: the stepstools will be back next weekend!)

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We had another great time on the upper Skagit last weekend. Weather was stellar, and we met many interesting people from all over the USA.

Rockport State Park began their deep forest tours (Saturdays through the end of the month) and kids activities and had over 200 participants. Skagit Fisheries offered free tours at the Hatchery which have been wildly popular.   There were a few eagles scattered here and there, but the great numbers seem to have moved on in search of better feeding grounds. The chum run barely materialized this year. Had it been a good run (like the Columbia was rumored to have this year) the eagles would still be here munching.  As of last Tuesday (the 5th), the Nooksack was still pretty good (165 eagles counted with many fish carcasses).  The heavy rains earlier this week could have changed all that, as the rivers are running VERY high and could wash out any food remaining.

Today’s eagle count was small, but better than last week. Bob and I saw 37 eagles between Rockport and Sedro-Woolley today. Jim at the Nature Conservancy counted 58 from Rockport to Marblemount.

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