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If you are free this coming Saturday and would like to pitch in where help is really needed, consider joining Sarvey Wildlife Care Center for their monthly volunteer work party. Their center took quite a beating in this winter’s storms and they really need help with cleanup and maintenance projects. Saturday is supposed to be a nice day! You can volunteer all day or any part of the day. A message from Sarvey is below:

Subject: New Flights and Progress

Hi Everyone,

This is a very short update about what we are doing after all the storm damage. In the gallery are the new designs for Freedom and Wask’te’s flights along with some staggering photos of the snow and what it did.
Since Freedom is a very temperamental bird, hers is getting done first. These will be expensive, around $10,000-$12,000 total for both. The snows have been more frequent and we can’t take a chance on either bird or human getting hurt with a roof collapse. These are built to last. Safety is the number one concern. These flights will have one half permanent roof with the other have that slides to totally cover the flight.
The waterfowl flight is under way for repairs then the large eagle flight and lastly the otter pen.
We have fund raisers in the works and many past and present volunteers along with the general public have shown up to help clear the debris. We do have a work party scheduled for the 17th of this month. For info see kelly@sarveywildlife.org [PDF flyer about work parties available here]
This expense has put on hold some of the projects we had slated for spring. If you can help and wish to make a donation for rebuilding of the flights please do. We can use every penny that comes our way.There will be more frequent updates as we iron some fund raising ideas. More to come next week.
Thank you to all of you who have donated after the snows came!! Your money is hard at work right now.
A special thanks to Ron and Mark who have worked so hard on these flights.

Thank you all so much!

For the wild ones.

Sarvey Wildlife Care Center


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