Roads are too slick folks. To my volunteers: please stay safe and stay home. I am stranded (safe) at a rest area along I-5 at the moment, so I will not be bringing supplies up the Skagit today. 



Clark Creek and Jordan Creek empty into the Cascade River near Marblemount Hatchery

It was a lovely sunny and frigid day of eagle watching today. The river is fairly low, making for better exposure of coho carcasses. There were several eagles around each of our sites. Human visitation was quiet. Was everyone out holiday shopping?

Volunteer Karen at Marblemount Hatchery eagle watch station

Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for snow, and roads could slippery. Drive safely out there. Weather permitting, eagle stations will be open. Come and see us!

Milepost 100 eagle watch station on 12/17/16. Eldorado was lovely today!

CBC news is reporting a record chum run along the west coast of British Columbia. Lets hope they will arrive at the Skagit River in large numbers as well! Many chum=many eagles.


Eagle Watcher Volunteer Carl Johansen shows a young visitor how to look at a bald eagle through a spotting scope on the Skagit River near Rockport Washington

UPDATE 11/10/16: We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016-2017 season. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Do you like spending time outdoors? Would you like to learn more about bald eagles and salmon in the Pacific Northwest and share that knowledge with visitors to our area? If that sounds like you, then you would make a great volunteer for the Skagit Eagle Watchers program with the US Forest Service.

The program is a lot of fun and full of great people. But don’t take my word for it; listen to what our current and former volunteers have to say:

If you are interested in volunteering, look for the application form on the top of this page, or call the Mt. Baker Ranger District at 360-856-5700 for more information.

Due to hazardous road and weather conditions, we have decided to cancel eagle viewing stations this weekend. The safety of our volunteers is our number one priority and we have decided that the risks at this time are just too high. Though our program will not be running, many Eagle Festival activities are still happening. Be sure to check the weather and call ahead to make sure your activity of choice is still taking place. We wish you a safe, wonderful weekend and hope to see you watching eagles next year!

Below are a few more links for information regarding weather forecasts:

National Weather Service

Skagit Valley Herald: Slide Risk


Due to the slide that happened yesterday evening between Concrete and Rockport on Highway 20, we will be cancelling Eagle Watchers this weekend. WSDOT has confirmed that the highway will remain closed throughout the weekend.

Rockport State Park will remain open as well as the Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretive Center.

For those of you still interested in coming up, detours via Concrete-Sauk Valley Road and Highway 530 are available options. Please check the weather forecast and drive safely! We have one more weekend left! Barring further weather circumstances, we will be out and ready to greet you on January 30th & 31st for our last eagle watching weekend.



Photos from the Field

Thanks to some of our wonderful volunteers for the photos they have provided throughout the season. Below are photos from the past month while our volunteers have been staffing stations along the Skagit. We hope to see you this weekend!

Photos above courtesy of Richard Olson. Photos below courtesy of William Amman.